How to Order

Order your Knee Scooter!

You can order by clicking the links below: 

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Print Registration Form
 1)  Click the link above and print out and complete the Customer Order Form.  Of course, you can always call us and just order over the phone -eliminating the paperwork!
Print Letter of Medical Necessity
2)  Click the link above and print out this Letter of Medical Necessity and give it to your Physician to complete.  This form will come in handy when you work with your insurance company.
Fax or Email the Forms
3) If you want to order by email or fax, just print out and complete the order forms, and then click any of the buttons below to submit them. We will call you to arrange a knee scooter delivery!
Call Us to Order
(510) 523-4143
Email Us Your Order
Fax Us Your Order
(510) 523-4829

All in-our-office Knee Scooter fittings are by appointment only. Our South Shore address in Alameda is now closed. If you wish to come to our office in Alameda for a personalized Knee Scooter fitting, please call us first to make an appointment. Our phone number is (510) 523-4143.

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